Anecdote From Class

A young woman was a student in a class Freud was teaching on his theory on dream interpretation. She was skeptical of his ideas and eager to prove them wrong, but couldn’t think of how to attack them. She fell asleep studying and when she woke up she exclaimed, “Eureka!”

She marched into Freud’s office and confidently declared that she had disproved his theory.

“Vat iz it?”

“While I was napping, I dreamt that I was murdering my own mother with an ax. According to your theory, dreams are all forms of wish-fulfillment which implies that I wish to kill my mother. But I love my mother and certainly do not wish to kill her! So this evidence clearly contradicts your theory!”

“Hmm,” Freud pondered this for a moment and stroked his beard. “You vere already skeptical of des ideas veren’t you?”

“Yea I didn’t buy your theory in class,” she replied.

“Aha I see now what it is. Dis dream vas your subconscious fulfilling your wish to disprove my theory! Once again, my theory is corroborated!”


Listening to: Yankee Bayonet (I Will be Home Then) -The Decemberists


2 Responses to “Anecdote From Class”

  1. e* Says:

    I would like to hear you tell me this story verbally, complete w/the Austrian accent

  2. Prime Humor | Newest Jokes, Anecdotes, Funny Videos Says:

    […] See the article here: Anecdote From Class « The Mind Of Bruce […]

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