Story About Being Sick

I’m sick at the moment. bah. This is unusual for me because my immune system is normally strong as an ox. In fact, my immune system was so strong that I had perfect attendance in grades 2-6. *brag* And it wasn’t even like I was just going to school sick, I just never got sick.

I remember the last time I got sick before my attendance streak began. It was in 1st grade with Mrs. Lavollo. There was a spelling test scheduled for that day and I had been studying pretty hard all week. Normally I wouldn’t studying for these types of things, that list had been particularly tricky. I remember specifically it had the words “chocolate” and “Mississippi” (lol I had to use auto correct to spell chocolate just now). The problem with my studying was that I had focused entirely on how to spell the word Mississippi and didn’t know how to spell any of the other words. Luckily the day of the test I got sick and the nurse called my dad to come pick me up so I missed the test.

I remember that afternoon I felt bad about missing the test cuz I thought it looks like a transparent plot to miss the test. So I went on our computer and typed up a letter to my teacher telling her that I felt bad missing the test since I had studied so hard. To show her that I had, in fact, studied the words, I typed out the word list in the letter using the spell checker to correct the spellings.


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