I’ve been neglecting this young blog recently cuz I’ve been a little busy with work. Also I haven’t been sure what I want to write about.

I have a new plan to abstain from reading my mighty GoogleReader. Initially I thought that GoogleReader was a big time saver by making blog posts come to me rather than having to search them out myself. This was true at the beginning because I didn’t follow many blogs, but over time I added more. Now I find that rather than saving me time, GoogleReader actually wastes more of my time than reading blogs used to. It’s not really wasting time per se since it does allow me to read more than I otherwise would. The problem is more that GoogleReader increased the value of time spent reading blogs for me which led to a greater time investment in blog reading. Funny that I’m complaining about this in a blog post lol.

I imagine the space of knowledge as a tree looking structure. The trunk of the tree holds the fundamental knowledge upon which other knowledge relies.  Then there are big branches for huge topics like Math which later split into thinner branches for the branches of mathematics, etc. These branches can split all the way down to tiny leaves. Occasionally (especially in math), distant branches will become twisted together into one gnarled mass. Of course this tree is growing over time as new facts are learned and more knowledge becomes available to be known.

The problem with blogs is that they are mainly focused on the fresh knowledge in the leaves rather than the established knowledge in the thick branches. They are useful to get a rough idea of what’s going on in different areas and to get an outline of the big branches, but the really important knowledge is in the thick branches. Basically I need to get this knowledge from books. Books ought to be incredibly effective compared with blog posts I would imagine. Blog posts kind of surround an important subject with minor conclusions while books can just blast right through and cover all the really important bits.

Might be a bit annoying to give up cuz I think I read somewhere (prolly a blog post) that checking things like google reader releases a little dopamine in your brain so I might find it hard to break the addiction. Yikes!

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  1. AJ Ferrioli Says:


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